Pica Delphon (Is one who Builds anything) (picadelphon) wrote,
Pica Delphon (Is one who Builds anything)

Halloween Event in South Jersey..?

Dear Journal, I have this Idea for a Real nice Halloween Event in South Jersey off Rt-55 I will be working for the next few Months Rebuilding A Bombed Out Mouse Shit Hole Tower site, This seen is a disaster event of Shit and Piss and every living thing taking a Dump on this Tower-site, the Old Owner Kill this Cash Cow, Left(sniff) it hanging on with Piss and shit till it up and Died, Maintenance would of Helped, But He would rather Spend it go to a Penn State Event and Gamble his $5,000 TO FIX THE PLACE UP, (SIGH) SO STUPID..!!
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