Pica Delphon (Is one who Builds anything) (picadelphon) wrote,
Pica Delphon (Is one who Builds anything)

Yea, Back at the Old WNJC Towers Of Terror ..

So I am at the ToT site and still trying to restore some of this 50, 60, 80' and 90's Tech into a working AM (4 Tower Directional) Full Running Transmitter Site.

Well it all started July 15th 2017 with a IM from my Old Friend (Duke: The Dux) Owner of duxpond.com, and asked if I wanted to talk to the New Owners of W.N.J.C. I think I Laugh gutts so Hard I can still feel a few Broken Ribs from laughing my brains out my ears, He asked me again to come and look at the place and talk to the New Owners, So on the 20th I did, I have to say I seen some bad Pictures on some web sites before but not ever seen a transmitter site so trashed with bugs, ant's, dead Everything, Poop EVERY WHERE, and Body's Every Where, and Head stuck, Body's Stuck in Every Thing and Dead..

Well I took a few Photos and Did a little Snooping around to what I could of gotten my Whiskers into, Looked into the Tower #4 First it was the only one working, And Noticed a Large Ground Hole Muskrat Dug up next to the Tower Pad and Into the ATU (antenna tune unit) I opened the shed to see parts removed, and bigger Hole in the bottom of the shed from another muskrat hole in the ground, Well I close the door, and All the Voice in my Head Started to yelp, and growl, and LOL for the Next 5 minutes, go to asking the Dux's what been the lowest Bid, on Fixing this Death Trap (yea 220 Volts Live and in the watery Puddle Smoking)..sigh..with a blank look on my face, He said $120,000 to $130,000 avg.. Well I felt more sorry for this guy more then anything, and for me to get it up and running and passing FCC codes, Electrical, Building..I figured Me I would Hit them with about $200,000 to $210,000 and will make everything Shinny Clean And almost 99,9999 % up to Code and Working Right for the FCC Inspection.. Then I thought to my self, 'I can pass this Job up I am Retired, not retarded, this kind of Job Will Kill Me doing this all by My self..'' Then I Said FUCK IT, What do I have to Lose, Screw the Big Cash Advance 1/4th up front, Screw my Old Life, of just sitting and watching TV / Video of the World all going to hell..

I told the Owner I'll Do it for $20,000 He Pays for all the tools and parts to get this project moving, I'll save you a ton of money, throw in some parts, and I'll see about you wanting to also Get FM on one of the tall towers yo have here, But it has to be rebuilt to my Way, and the right way, NO PATCHES, if cables are chewed up then We replace them, if a switch that is NON-Replaceable then I will rebuild it to work as same as new again.. 3 Weeks later and it getting Done.. Been a wild ride.. Here are some pictures I'll Share..

The first 5 days of death, and Mess Got Lost in blow out of everything in my way so your safe for the Dead body's gore of poop..

Welcome to the some what transmitter shed..

This is my Work Room Shed, My Spot to Rebuild this Place..

This is the entrance to the Transmitter Shed..

Dummy Load Installed on top of Phaser, (This is what Phaser is a device that combines the signals from Two to Four separate Antennas and allows the manipulation of level and phase of the signals so that a single, (4) tower to sink up and act as one big antenna steerable direction of AM signal ..

Now to the OLD late 50' early 60 1000 Watt Backup Transmitter..

You had enough yet, I have a Power Panel Box you die to Touch..LIVE 220 Volt's Yea that Mouse Pee dripping out of it, Last Time I cleaned it out I had a Field Mouse Exploded in my Face..

What a Mess and Lots more to come..

And BTW.. Griffer, those blow up dolls to disposed of in 2005-2006 are floating to the top, and they still have your Name Scribbled all over them, and the bloody Paw Prints..
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