Pica Delphon (Is one who Builds anything) (picadelphon) wrote,
Pica Delphon (Is one who Builds anything)

It's Sunday Night What to post about..hmm..

Freakin 420 Brand New Flasher Just Wont flash on the Top of Tower#1 (AKA 420)-(420 Foot tall, Duh what you think..!) And Yes I did..

Grumpy Fox Mutt on top 12th time up there in less the two weeks, At home with leg and finger CDramps.

See NO Flashing

Nice 420 skyline of Philly, PA

Need to remember my Craftsman Grip-All Wrench, Whoops Look out below, I'll get it on monday..

Nice Clean Work Bench, Well Not for Long..

Welcome to my Hole in the Area of South Jersey.. "Down -n- Dirty" Rat Patrol ARMY 9 years..

Yea it where I am going to host a Banging Furry / Adult Halloween Event this Year, And to be Few Live after 9pm from 5500 Watts to the Local Party 45-50watts power and unrated restrictions legal uncensored Private Party.. Towers of Terror.. Camping or Car Required..
Dancing your Tail Skin OFF is Optional ..
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