Pica Delphon (Is one who Builds anything) (picadelphon) wrote,
Pica Delphon (Is one who Builds anything)

The Month of October..2017..Going Old School, early 80's Tech..

Let's See Where to start, Photos Would be Better..

Angel You as bad as the cats sometimes..

Now move the other way.

Thanks fr the Tail End, now Moove it.. Ok Old Dell Work station Nice AGP-Pro x8 socket,

But x4 Intergraph Wildcat 4110 Video card, or x8 nVidia 1000

Now to find my Old Notes on these old Ghz RF Chips.. Hy-Bread all the Way Babby..

Ahh the Oldest IC DIP RCA Yea 50's tech.

My Camera is Being a Dick with the close-up

Now the Old School DSP years before the old Math Co-MPU wars.. 16 Bit..
Yea the Old Gold 4 bit Cache Chips still out shine,but it was so hard for evey one to get the 2 multi boards to run in sync, but not for me..

Old Multi-Buss II take out the bitching parts and try again, YaY no mor Barking..

(4)4 bit ALU and one 1 BIT ALU..

A little more light might Help.

Use the Old Stuff for the DC Field Project ELF..
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