Pica Delphon (Is one who Builds anything) (picadelphon) wrote,
Pica Delphon (Is one who Builds anything)

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OK it a New 2018 and the weather been Nutt's, the Government is going Nutt's, Banks Foreclosing on everyone in sight, Whelp I got AM Radio coming in on 1360AM as Clear as Digital FM NICE.. and saving the new owner and his family big bucks on the Build..

But it took a lot of work, and Help with a Few Close Friend, but it Half Complete.. Copper is in for the Two 400 Foot Tower, and a Mile 1/2 of special Copper Nickle Steel.. Now for the Geek Porn Every one want to see..

This is the Real Life Video from on of the Boys I know in Life, and he supporting His daily Life, helping Clean up every one's Scrap..

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