Diving Dusty AC 07. 20 years later

Well it that time of the year again, time for me to Hide..

Well tomorrow I will hit the Big 49, Yep so close to the bigger 50, so I invited a few friends Who will not show up and I know none of the Fur Friends Will show they will all be running to Anthrocon on Sunday, Me I am Not heading to Pittsburgh - Anthrocon my self, I am going to stay home..

But if you Want too your all still invited if you can try and stop by and say Hi it would make my 49th Birthday a Happy one, And I will have something for you to chomp on food wise for your long trip..

And Please Have a Safe Trip to AC this year, Please Be SAFE Driving..
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Diving Dusty AC 07. 20 years later

What to do this year with the Furry Me this year for my birthday 49th..

What to do this year with the Furry Me this year for my birthday 49th..

I nothing is planed, and I am so not in the Mood for long Travels for my 49th birthday..

So what to do hmm.. Maybe a BBQ at my House..?

Anyone Give a Hoot can come..I don't have much but i will Share with what I got..

So if you get a chance B.Y.O.B. and if you can Road Kill and Chips welcome.. My chips Have gotten Old stale taste to them..(Crunch) yea chips are old..
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=Welp= We are FUCKED..!!..

Trump Wins..!!..

Time To Dig my Hole Deeper..*Clunk-CLUNK*..
'picks up metal plate'
*-* D.O.D. was Here.. *-*

Welp my Escape plans are Now a total FAIL.. Shit, *Sigh*

pullout Walkman Slaps in my Cassette Knife Party - Abandon Ship -

Yea it time, to take a long walk into the Wood's..
Diving Dusty AC 07. 20 years later

This is the Place I have found that will help me and a few other..

OK Till I find Better This is the Spot I want to Start up Shop in the next Few Months, And yes, I comes with a few Apartment's / House's come with this Building, and it the price Range of What I am looking for on the High end of my budget Range, But I think I can do this..

I need to do this, So those that I pick will have a secure Home / Job if all that stuff lines up..

But here is the Main Location..


the Second Building if all works out will be this next Building..


This will be the The Extra Shipping and Storage for the Bigger Spools of the 3D Filaments For the Big 3DMmachines Metal / Plastic / Carbon (500 meter to 1000 meter) spools.. All special Sizes, and Types.. The Demand is out There, and I am making the New Idea to Help rebuild the USA in the next coming years.. Just Keep it Simple and Keep it Smart..
Camper Pooch Hooch Capemay

The Big Move out of New Jersey..

Well for awhile I been thinking of Moving out of New Jersey, I has become a almost Nazi State, Ever just go to the park on a nice Spring day and go to the local Waterhole And Relax in the Sun, and then Riverside Police Roll in and need to Know That Everyone is Doing, All Old High-school-Bully types..Shake down in the park.. *sigh* time to leave.

I am Just sick of the Cops in my area, more money giving out tickets, the to Clean out a Crack House Motel or something more productive to the Township, And you do not need a full swat team to arrest some one for late child welfare payments, that doing help anyone, it help to keep my Taxes High..

Well I think I have found a Place, but it still up in the Air where I need to start a New Company and Help the Local area in New jobs..

I want to start a recycle plastics into 3D Printer Filaments I also want to get into the Carbon 3D Filaments sales also, so I need a good Carbon Supply, PA is my best choice to keep my Self and local to Family in New Jersey..

I must get this started soon, I have a friends Wake to go to then I so Need to get my Tail to AnthroCon and talk to a few Friends on getting my Company Up and running and what they can help me with.. *Face to Face* Is the best way I know how to get stuff started in life..
Diving Dusty AC 07. 20 years later

Is it time for a change in life..

OK I think it time for me to try and pack up my stuff and move to another state, I am just so sick of this new Jersey Nazi ext ream bullshit going around, so I am really thinking of packing up every think and Moving out, Sold my Company, and gave everyone full percent of the company to them they Now own 100% of it so I am now free from the WiFi, Security, Tower's, Radio stations. I now free from all control, votes, ect.. There all on there own now..

So I am looking to move maybe up to North East PA, Mount Carmel for my New House to live in and Shamokin, PA for the new Company Building..
Diving Dusty AC 07. 20 years later

Tiss life

"War is the continuation of politics by other means.
It can therefore be said that politics is war without
bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed."