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picadelphon's Journal

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Pica Delphon (Is one who Builds anything)
25 June 1968
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Then I get into something I get INTO IT.. like turbo charge with NOS.. So sometimes I get an emotional feeling, and Drive in what i'am going..
And for the Tinker in my life, I build stuff like the real stuff No Fake Stuff..
I Take a HAM Radio Shack and Build it into Radio Brodcasting/Audio Recording Studio's..
But Now I have This Old When I was 18 Urge of The Fur way it now affect my life..
Just wait ti'll you see my Fursuit... 20 Years Later and a Lot Smarter...,
And The FUR IS BANGING Billionn Time Beter and Stronger.. OH I am going to build me Some Critters.. #1) Wolf Full Suit, #2) Tiger Full Suit,And #3)Fall Skunk Full Suit..
Then The Lighter ones the #4)Fox - Half Suit, #5)Springtime Skunk..
And Las But Not Least the #6) LabRat - HalfSuit..

3d, acting, action western science doc., audio brocasting, books, brodcasting, computer, contruction of studios, draphics, drawing, ducttape, electronics, fur, fursuit, fursuit building.., internet, kinky stuff, latex, latex by the roll, majer projecks., pieasco, radio freq, rainwear, rock n roll, rubber, science manuals., shortwave, tall tower's, techno, the art's cartoons, video.., wetsuits

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